May 20, 2024

youtube vs tiktok

Youtube vs Tiktok is a huge debate nowadays and most of the people are arguing about which is better. Some say Tiktok is great and creators from Tiktok are legends as they have more followers, views and likes than youtubers and some people say Youtube is better as there is so much crap on Tiktok and anybody can become viral on Tiktok. So let’s compare these two platforms based on following points:

1. Views and Likes

Nowadays, it is coming to notice that Tiktok videos are getting more views and likes than Youtube videos. There is a reason for this. As soon as you open Tiktok, videos automatically start to play whereas on Youtube, you choose which video you want to play. Talking about the likes,

Youtube has a ‘Dislike’ button also. On Tiktok, it is easy to like a video while you are watching it as it appears just on the screen. If there was a dislike button on Tiktok, Tiktokers would definitely have more dislikes.

2. Creators


Youtubers focus their channel on a specific topic. Their channel may be based on roasting, technology or entertainment. People watch their videos for because they really love them. On Tiktok, any creator can create any type of videos like funny, comedy or dance. But it is evident that most of the Youtubers have more fan following and their fans are real fans and they respect them. On the other hand, people follow big Tiktokers on Tiktok only for timepass. They also use curse words on they comment section if they create a cringe video. Tiktokers also get more hate on their Instagram and other social media accounts due to their strange activities on Tiktok. Youtubers have very less hate comments compared to them.

3. Content

This is the main thing. When posting a video on Youtube, you have to think about many things like copyright strike, not using any copyrighted song, not copying other’s content and much more. They can create videos on the same topic but their way of presentation should be different. On Tiktok, there is no fear of any copyright strike and people can copy other people’s music, dance moves and dialogues. So, it is easy to create a Tiktok video. That’s why there are more creators on Tiktok.

4. Hard Work

It is clear that copying other’s content and creating a 15 to 60 seconds video is very easy. But finding a topic, making a script, shooting a video, editing it, finding a non-copyrighted music and saving your video from a copyright strike is a very challenging thing and everyone can’t do this. Whether you are vlogging or creating a technological video or roasting someone, it takes a lot of time to create this video and you have to edit it carefully. So it is clear that Youtubers really do hardwork as compared to Tiktokers. It is not that Tiktokers don’t work hard. They also work hard but not as Youtubers.

5. Making Money

For making money on Youtube, you just have to get a thousand subscribers and a 4000 hours watch time. After monetizing, you can earn money. On the other hand, Tiktok doesn’t pay you money no matter how million followers you have. But you can get sponsorship from various brands if you have enough followers on Tiktok. But there are sonm many big creators on it and you have to work very hard to get millions of followers. Then only you can make money but when you will see some fool people having millions of likes and followers even by making cringe videos, you will be disappointed.

Verdict: It is evident from above points that views and likes doesn’t matter, it is only the respect and love of the fans toward creators that matters. Tiktok is specially made for timepass whereas Youtube is a very good platform which has given us very good content creators which are keeping us entertained and giving knowledge about new things. Some Tiktokers are also humble and good people but 99% of the people on it are crap and Tiktok promotes crap. If you are a crap, you won’t be able to sustain on Youtube.

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