April 20, 2024

      Most of the buyers of bike in India are concerned about bike mileage and they buy fuel efficient bikes. But they don’t get the expected mileage from these bikes. This is just because of a little carelessness and not having knowledge about bikes. So we are here to help you increase the mileage of your bike just by giving you following tips:

1.Keep proper air Pressure in the tyres:

          This is the most important factor in increasing the mileage of any bike. If the pressure in your bike′s tyre is low, it will give you lower mileage. So, fill the air in the tyres as per recommended by the manufacturer in the service book.

2. Cleaning and lubricating  chain and chain sprocket:

            Make sure that your bike′s chain is clean and lubricated. If there is dust on it, it will give load on engine and the mileage will be reduced. You have to regularly check your bike′s chain because it gets dry after some days and needs to be lubricated.

3. Engine condition:

     Engine condition is also important for mileage and make sure that you do your bike′s periodic services regularly and keep the engine in good condition. Also use a good quality oil and change it periodically as given in the service manual

4. Change riding habits:

     This is the main reason why people get low mileage from their bikes. Accelerating and braking suddenly and harshly will heat up the engine and it will consume more fuel. Don’t rev the engine hard when there is no necessary of it. Also, don’t rev the engine while applying clutch. Try to ride in higher gear as it will reduce engine speed and your bike will consume less fuel.

5. Ride at a steady speed of 45-50kmph:

                By using this last tip, you will definitely get high mileage from bike. All you have to do is to follow first 3 steps and ride on highway at a constant speed of around 50-55kpph. Remember that you will get best mileage of any bike only when you ride on highway at a constant speed of 45-50kmph in top gear.

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