April 20, 2024

       Motorola One Power was launched in last year and is a midrange smartphone with a very big battery. It has a 6.2 inch screen, 5000 mAh battery, snapdragon 636 processor, 4GB RAM with 64GB internal storage, 16+5MP rear camera, 12MP front camera with LED flash and Android One program.

     Motorola fans would like to buy this smartphone and we are going to help you decide whether you should buy it or another phone.


        It has a big 1080 X 2246 pixels 6.2 inches notch designed LCD display with 19:9 ratio and its fingerprint sensor is placed at the rear. Its thickness is 8.4mm due to its big 5000mAH battery and this smartphone is very heavy at 205g weight. It has dedicated memory card slot so that you can use two SIM cards and one memory card at a time in this smartphone. The build quality doesn’t feel as precise and premium as its competitors and you will mostly need two hands to operate this smartphone.


         Motorola ships this smartphone with android Oreo and you can upgrade this to android Pie. This smartphone also uses stock android as other Motorola smartphones. It also has Android One program so that you can get regular security updates quickly.


          It has a Snapdragon 636 processor with 4 GB of RAM which is currently the best processor in the mid range smartphones. This smartphone can handle daily tasks very fast and with the help of its processor and battery, you can play heavy games for hours on this smartphone.


         It has a 16+5MP dual rear camera and the outdoor image quality is quite good. It also has a portrait mode and you take very good portrait shots in bright sunlight. But pictures taken in low light get blurry.

        The same thing happens with front camera too. It is a 12MP camera with LED flash and it also has a portrait mode. Just like rear camera, photos taken in bright sunlight are good in both normal and portrait mode. But portrait mode is very bad in low light.

         So, this smartphone just has an average camera. If you want a smartphone with very good camera, go for Redmi Note 6 Pro.


         As mentioned above, it has a huge 5000mAh battery with two days of battery backup and Motorola includes a ′Turbopower′ charger in the box so that it gets charged very fast. Motorola claims that it can get six hours of power in just 15 min of charge. So, this smartphone doesn’t have any problem about battery. If you are travelling around continuously and don’t have time to charge your smartphone or want to play heavy games for hours, this is the right smartphone for you.


       Its biggest negative is its bulky design and build quality. You have to mostly operate this smartphone with two hands. If you put a back cover on it, its thickness will further increase and it will be more difficult to hold and operate this smartphone. Also it doesn’t look as attractive as its competitors.

       So, a big battery isn’t everything in a smartphone, it should be user friendly, should have good build quality, attractive looks and it should be lightweight. There are other better options in this price range like Nokia 6.1 Plus and Redmi Note 6 Pro. So, it will be better to buy these two smartphones. We will only recommend to buy this smartphone if you want to play games fort hours and hours.

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