April 20, 2024

           Smartphones are a part of our life. Nowadays, we can’t imagine our life without smartphones. Indian mobile market is growing day by day and there are new smartphones launching every week with new features. There is a huge price drop in price of any smartphone after some months. Sometimes, people spend more money than their capacity to buy them. They even buy smartphones of price above 40,000 rupees buy finance option. If you are very rich, then buy an Iphone X, no problem. But if you are from a middle class family or can’t afford such expensive smartphones, don’t even think to buy them. This will be a total waste of money and you will regret buying these phones. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t buy the smartphones above 20k in India.

1. Launching of new smartphones every month:

      India is a huge smartphone market and smartphone manufacturers launch new products at a competitive price every month. Even if you buy a smartphone of 30,000 rupees, you can get a better smartphone than this at 20,000 rupees after a couple of months. So, this will be a silly decision to buy a smartphone that expensive.

2. Price drop:

      No matter how expensive the smartphone is, its price will drop after some time. This is mainly due to competition. The price of a smartphone of 40,000 rupees will drop to 30,000 rupees after 8-10 months. Or, a new better smartphone may get launched in these eight months. So, if you buy such an expensive smartphone buy saving money or by finance, you will regret it.

3. Better Smartphones below 20,000 rupees:

     This is the main reason not to buy expensive smartphones. There are many smartphones from Xiaomi, Motorola and Nokia and believe me they are very good smartphones. They have very good camera, snapdragon processor, better battery life and a vast network of care center too. These smartphones can handle your day to day task and you can even play heavy games on these smartphones easily. These smartphones don’t lag in any task and you will be happy to buy one of them. Also, you will be even happy that you have saved money by buying them.

4. Life of smartphones:

      Many people don’t notice that no smartphone lasts more than 2.5 to 3 years. No matter if its price is 15,000 rupees or 1,00,000 rupees. It`s hardware can’t function properly after that time. It`s processor and battery can’t work as they were working when the smartphone was new. Also, they can’t handle new software updates and become slow after updating. Also, care centers can’t give you assurance that they will definitely repair your smartphone. Take the examples of Samsung galaxy S7 and HTC 10. These two smartphones were top smartphones of 2016 and many people bought them despite the fact that their price was more than 40,000 rupees. But now, nobody uses them. Also, now you get more features on smartphones ranging from 15,000 to 20,000 rupees than these two smartphones. This shows us that no smartphone lasts longer than 3 years. And if you don’t have such a huge amount of money, it will be a good decision to buy a smartphone below 20,000 rupees.

       Again, smartphones are a part of our life, we are not a part of them. So when we can live with a budget friendly smartphone with which we can do multitasking, play games, take clear pictures, watch movies, can easily connect to a PC then why to waste our money on expensive smartphones? By considering all above points, if you don’t have a high budget, you are young, you go to the college, play games, do multitasking then it will always be a better choice to buy budget friendly smartphones.

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