April 20, 2024

    Searching for a good quality earphone on a low budget is quiet difficult task as there is a number of earphones in the market. Among all the manufacturers, JBL is one of the best manufacturers of earphones. All the earphones from this manufacturer are durable, have good sound quality and lightweight.

    But JBL has too many types of earphones across a wide range of price and we will show you the best and most affordable earphone in this article.


    So the best affordable earphone by JBL is JBL C50HI which is available in white, black and blue colours and the following are the qualities which make it the best affordable earphone.

Design and Build quality

    Having a button and mic is the most important thing in earphone and you can answer calls quickly, can talk also when you are riding a bike or can quickly pause the music track when someone tries to talk to you.

Sound Quality

    There is no need to talk so much about sound quality of these earphones. As this is a JBL product, obviously it has a very good sound quality. It has JBL’s special ‘Bass Sound’. You can hear songs in this earphone for hours without tiring. This earphone offers a very clear and smooth sound.



    This headphone is very small wire so it will broke if you stress it.

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