April 20, 2024

       Everybody wants to have a good body and this can be achieved only through going to gym and hard work. But this can′t be achieved only through going to gym. You have to take good protein supplements too because you can′t get enough proteins from only food. They are the key factors of bodybuilding. First I want to tell you that protein supplements from good manufacturers don′t have any side effects and this is proved by many great bodybuilders in India. You should take them two times in a day and I will suggest you two best protein supplements which have a low cost and you can consume them with water, too.

      The protein supplements I am suggesting you below have a very low cost, don’t have any side effects and you can consume them with milk or water. This means that this can further save your money of milk as milk is very costly nowadays.

Healthkart Protein

      This is the best and lowest priced protein supplement you can buy today and it doesn’t show a single side effect. This protein is derived from whey and is 100% vegetarian. This package contains total 1kg of protein so it will last you normally for two months. This is a very soft type of supplement and is the best and most affordable supplement for beginners. But this supplement doesn’t have any flavor. You can get it on amazon at a price less than Rs.1000

MuscleBlaze Beginner’s Whey Protein Supplement

           This protein is the second most affordable protein supplement which you can buy at a price less than Rs.1000. It is slightly expensive than Healthkart protein and it has an added chocolate flavor and is pure vegetarian. Muscleblaze is one of the most reputed brand of protein supplements and you can trust this supplement blindly. This is the most affordable supplement by Muscleblaze and you can take this supplement with water.

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