April 20, 2024

    Boat Bassheads 225 are earphones for low budget buyers and as its name suggests, it has extra bass so that you will enjoy hearing songs on these earphones. As these earphones are priced at a range of around 500-600Rs, we are giving you its review with both positive and negative things. You will surely get idea whether you should buy these earphones or not according to your use.


                These earphones are built with very strong material and they are very durable. These earphones are built with mostly metal and its cable is very thick and strong. The best thing about this earphone is that its cable is tangle free so that they are very easy to use. It′s cable has a rectangular cross-section. There is one button mic so that you can receive calls easily or can pause music with just one tap. But due to its thick cable, it is very heavy.

Sound quality:

      Boat is famous for giving us good sound quality earphones and headphones. All the headphones from this manufacturer are famous for their bass and clear sound quality. These headphones offer very clear sound and as mentioned above, they have high quality bass and Boat calls it ′Super EXTRA Bass′. You will enjoy hearing songs on these earphones.


           Good sound quality is off course the best thing about these earphones. Also the second and most important thing about these earphones is that its tangle free cable. Most people get irritated because of tangling of earphones and for those people, this is the best option.


            The worst thing about these earphones is just that they have a very bad grip with your ears and easily get slipped away from your ears. This because of the high weight of its cable. Its cable has a rectangular cross-section and is very heavy so that earbuds lose grip easily. They easily get slipped even with small movement of your head or even when you are walking. So, if you want to use earphones in gym or for walking or running, don’t buy them because they are only comfortable when you sit at a single place without movement.

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