April 20, 2024

       Handling of a bike is its main quality and it mainly depends on some general factors. It is also important for controlling and safety of Rider. Many riders have complaints about wobbling of bike, loosing grip and balance. So here are the tips with which you can improve handling of your bike.

1. Maintain correct Air Pressure in Tyre

    Air pressure in tyre is the most important factor in improving handling of a bike. It should be exactly as given in the owner′s manual of bike. If it is more than desired pressure, your bike can give more mileage but your tyres will be unable to absorb the bumps of the road and all these forces will act on the suspension of bike and will damage it. Also your bike cannot be controlled easily with braking. If the air pressure in the tyres is low, they will lose grip and also reduce mileage of bike. So, always keep the pressure according to manufacturer.

2. Change Worn-out Tyres

    All tyres have a life and it is measured in kilometers. Most of the tubeless tyres of bikes have a life of 15-18000 kilometers. You can use them after that also but it is not good for handling and your safety too. They can easily get punctured and can′t hold the road tightly. They also give poor braking performance and your bike can′t cruise comfortably at high speeds. Hence, it is better to change worn-out tyres.

3. Maintain the Suspension

       Suspension is also very important factor in improving handling of bike. Bikes with poor suspension setup can cause accidents. Check the rear suspension by sitting on the bike. If it gets pressed very easily, then go to the service center and fill the gas in it or change it if its coils are damaged. Most of the bikes in India have upside down forks at the front.

       You only have to check the oil seals of the front suspension. If there is leakage of oil from oil seals, then fill the oil and change the oil seals from authorized service center. If oil seals are damaged, your front shock absorbers will press fully even on small speed breakers. Using this type of damaged suspension may cause slipping of tyre. So, always properly maintain your suspension setup.

4. Maintain the Cone Sets

      Cone sets are located near the handle and they connect your bike′s chassis to the handle. They can′t be seen with eyes but they are very important part of bike. They are ball bearing like structures and are located at upper and bottom part of chassis where it is connected to handle and front suspension. If the grease in the cone sets becomes dry or the bearings get damaged, then your bike′s rear tyre will start losing its direction.

      You will feel like your bike is punctured even if it is not. The best way to check the cone sets is that to ride bike and press the front brake and hear the sound from it. If you hear sound like one part is hitting on another part, then it is time to change your cone sets. You can also check them by placing your bike on double stand and slowly turning the handle on left and right. If it becomes hard to turn the handle at some points, then realize that your cone sets are damaged.

       So, above were four tips with the help of which you can improve handling of your bike and enjoy riding bike. With these tips, your bike can behave like a brand new bike on roads.

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