April 20, 2024

      Reaching top speed of any bike is not a difficult task but it only requires some mistakes to be avoided. Reaching your bike′s top speed gives you thrill and you can enjoy using your bike′s power to the fullest. But due to some small mistakes, many peoples are not able to reach top speed of their bikes even if their bike is in good condition. Some youngsters having Pulsar 220 are even not able to go above 130 kmph. So here are some tips with which you can reach top speed of your bike easily and quickly. But remember that you should ride safe and don′t cause trouble to others.

1. Have proper air pressure in tyres

         Air pressure in tyres is the main factor which decides your bikes controlling, acceleration and handling. If you have low air pressure then your bike won′t accelerate quickly. So, it will be difficult to reach top speed. So, always keep the air pressure as recommended by the manufacturer.

2. Use tyres in good condition

   Old and worn out tyres can′t give a decent grip on roads and your bike can even lose control. Tyres should hold the road tightly and at speeds above 100kmph, worn out tyres may lose the grip and it will be dangerous to use these tyres. Also, these tyres don′t give good acceleration and hence, it will be difficult to reach top speed.

3. Lubricate your Bike′s Chain

   Many sport bikes don’t have a chain cover and the chain is exposed to dust, water and mud. So it is recommended to clean it and lubricate it properly. If dust is deposited on your chain or it is not well lubricated, it will give load on your bike′s engine and will make a loud noise while riding fast. A well lubricated chain will transfer engine′s power smoothly to tyres and will help reaching top speed.

4. Reduce air resistance

     Air resistance is the biggest enemy of top speed. When your bike goes above 120kmph, you will feel the air blasts on your body. Sport bikes are designed aerodynamically to reduce air resistance but your body blocks the air. Due to this, your bike is unable to reach the top speed. The best way to reduce air resistance is to crouch fully.

      You have to lean forward as much as you can and make sure that no air is blocked by your body. Your head should be very close to windshield. Your chest should be very close to petrol tank and eyes should be in line with the upper end of the windshield so that you can see clearly without blocking air. This trick is very useful in reaching top speed quickly and you won’t have to downshift. You can just simply accelerate from 5th gear even at 50 kmph speed and can reach top speed easily by this trick.

5. Ride solo

     This is the most common mistake riders make. While trying to reach top speed, you should always ride solo. There should be no pillion. If there is a pillion, your bike′s engine has to work hard and it is difficult to reach top speed. This also reduces the acceleration. Also, pillion blocks air and air resistance increases at high speeds. So, it is better to ride solo to reach top speed of bike.

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