April 20, 2024

        There is a large number of peoples having bad dreams in sleep and most of the time they wake up suddenly due to these dreams. This is a very bad thing that can happen to someone and people feel scared for some time even after waking up. But if you know the reasons behind these bad dreams, then it is easy to get rid of them. Here are the reasons and tips to stop bad dreams and sleep happily.

1. Sleep early, wake up early:

        Waking up late is the biggest reason that you are getting bad dreams. If you sleep even till till 9 to 10 am, you will definitely have bad dreams because these dreams come late in the morning mostly when you sleep unnecessarily. So, make a habit of waking up early even on holidays.

2. Don’t sleep in the daytime:

         If you are sleeping in the day at any time even for shorter period, you will see bad dreams. 80% of the people sleeping in the daytime have an issue of bad dreams. Also, sleeping in the day is not good for health as stated by many doctors and scientists. So, try to complete your sleep in the night only.

3. Do physical work:

           If you are not doing any physical work and are just sleeping, you are making a big mistake. A calm sleep comes only when you work hard and give some physical stress to your body. So, do some physical work or if possible, try going to the gym.

4. Tension and stress:

    Tension and stress are also main reasons for this thing. Don’t take too much tension of work, office, future or anything. Problems will come and go and if you can do something about problems, then there is no need to worry and even if you can′t do something about it, then don’t worry and let it go because you just can′t do anything about it! So practically, don’t take unnecessary tension and be happy anytime. A happy person will always see happy dreams.

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