May 20, 2024
Why you don't Gain Muscles

Why you don't Gain Muscles

When it comes to bodybuilding and muscle gain, there are so many factors which you should consider. Though you go to the gym, you might be doing some mistakes and due to these mistakes, you are not gaining muscles. You can’t increase your muscle weight due to some little mistakes. So, here we are pointing out some mistakes and will also give you some tips regarding muscle gain.

1) You don’t lift heavy

Why you don't Gain Muscles
Why you don’t Gain Muscles

For example, let’s assume that you are working out a part of your body. Assume it is your bicep and you are doing bicep curls with dumbbells with a weight of 5kg. Your bicep size is increased after 2-3 months of the beginning but now, after 5 months, your bicep size is not increasing. It is because you haven’t increased weight. You should start lifting 7.5kg or 8kg dumbbell now instead of 5kg because your bicep muscle is bigger and stronger now and it will require more weight to break its muscle fibers. Same thing goes for all other muscles whether it may be chest, back, triceps, shoulder or legs. There is also a main thing which you should consider while selecting weight. You should select a weight with which you can at least do 8-10 reps. This is the normal rep range for every muscle group. Also, the selected weight should be able to give a full stress to your muscles and you should do each rep with full power. Your muscles should start paining hardly while you are doing your last rep. Also, in the last reps of each set, you should try hardly to do the reps because it is the last rep which will help you to break muscle fibers. If you break them properly, then their size will increase after recovery. Don’t select a weight with which you can do 8-10 reps very easily. It is just cheating with your workout. Your selected weight should be able to bring out your maximum power.

2. Working out with empty stomach

This may sound weird but it is true. It has found in so many studies that if you are working out with an empty stomach, your body will burn muscles to create energy and it will be more difficult to reach your goal. Doing cardio with empty stomach is only essential for people who want to lose weight. You can try this at yourself. If you eat something 1 or 2 hours before your workout, you can lift heavy weights easily. If you are working out with empty stomach, it will be difficult for you to lift heavy weights. This is because your body doesn’t have food in the stomach to create energy. So, for quick need of energy, your body starts burning glucose in your body. But as this glucose is in very low quantity as compared to the energy you need, it gets finished quickly and now your body has only two things, i.e. fat and muscles. As fats need more time to break down than muscles, it is easier for your body to break muscles to create instant energy. So, go to the gym after having your per-workout meal before 1 hour. You don’t have to eat so much. Just take light food which is easy to digest or eat two bananas 40 minutes before starting the workout. Bananas are one of the best per workout meals and you can also have them early in the morning as they don’t require cooking and other stuff. So make sure you are not working out with empty stomach.

3. Not taking enough protein

Not taking enough protein

Protein is the most important substance to build muscles. Without protein, your muscles won’t get repaired after getting broken down by your workout. Even if you are eating too much but your food has very low amount of proteins, then they will not grow. You can also take protein supplements for rebuilding your muscles. There are no side effects of protein supplements unless you are using a trusted brand.

4. Being inconsistent

This problem is common in 80% of the people. Bunking your workout sessions literally stops your muscle building. It is okay if you are working out at least 5 times a week. But if you are not going to gym for longer time, then your muscle gain also stops. So be consistent with your workout plan.

5. Not sleeping enough

Your broken muscles rebuild themselves with the help of proteins while you are sleeping. They don’t get repaired properly when you are not taking enough rest. It is essential to take a sleep of 7 to 8 hours daily to give your muscles some time to repair.

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