May 21, 2024
Protein Intake per day

Protein Intake per day

People who go to the gym and work out regularly take proteins to build muscles. Proteins are essential factor to build a broken muscle fiber. There are many good quality protein supplements in the market which you can take but there is a method to take them. Many people take them at the wrong time and not in the preferred amount which leads to slow muscle growing. So here we are giving you some tips about how you should take protein if you are regularly working out.


Protein Intake per day
Protein Intake per day

Every protein supplement container comes with a scoop which contains either 25 grams or 35 grams protein powder. This is the right amount of protein powder which you are going to take with milk or water. You don’t have to take two or three scoops of protein supplement powder at a time as one scoop at a time is enough. You can take 2 scoops per day but there should be a gap of 6 to 8 hours in between them. If your diet is healthy and contains a lot of protein, then a single scoop per day is more than enough. 25 to 30 grams protein at a time is very good for muscle building.


To decide the time, you have to understand the muscle growth. Muscles don’t grow when you are working out or when you are in office, or when you are doing any activity. Muscles grow fast only when you are sleeping. So, the right time to take protein supplements is right before going to bed. Just make sure that you have taken your meal at least two hours or more before.

Taking protein supplements before going to gym is the worst decision you can take as when you do this, all the protein you have taken is used to create energy to lift weights and it is not used for muscle growth. Proteins are not ‘Preworkout Meals’. You can take other preworkout meals before going to the gym. You can take them two times a day before sleeping or relaxing.

Protein Intake per day
Protein Intake per day

 If you sleep in the afternoon, then you can also take them. But the main time is at the night before sleeping as you sleep for more time at the night and this is the time when your body grows muscles very fast.

Also, don’t take the supplements just before or after your lunch or dinner because their BCAA’s work more intensely while they are taken separately.


For each serving, take around 250ml water or milk to prepare shake. Don’t take very hot milk. Instead, use warm milk and take one scoop powder to mix with it and your shake is ready.

So, these are some tips regarding your protein intake per day. If you have any suggestions, please comment down below.

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