April 19, 2024


Corona disease is a disease caused by Coronavirus that spreads through air and contamination. This disease spreads very fast and WHO has listed it as a pandemic. It’s spreading rate and speed are very high than other diseases so it is a very dangerous disease.


Bats  Coronavirus

It was first found in Wuhan city of China in December 2019 and then it spread all over the world. It was first found in a woman who was selling seafood in Wuhan’s seafood market where all types of fishes and animals are sold like bats, snakes, rats and dogs. It is believed that it is transmitted to humans from bats; but there is no proof, it’s just an assumption.


corona symptoms

Its main symptoms are dry cough and difficulty in breathing. There are also symptoms like fever and cold. It is because this virus directly attacks your immune system. So if you have any other series health issue before such as diabetes or cancer, it is very dangerous.


Corona Transmission

It is transmitted from one person to another just like cough and other mediums. The saliva of the infected people contains this virus and it spreads from one person to another while talking. This virus can also remain active on the things which the infected person has touched and when a healthy person touches it, then the virus may get inside his body due to breathing. The air around an infected person and the things like door handles, keys, smartphones which an infected person continuously touches get contaminated with the Corona virus and it spreads through them. This is why many doctors and nurses treating Corona virus patients are getting infected with it.


Coronavirus tratement
Medical workers in protective suits tend to coronavirus patients at the intensive care unit of a hospital in Wuhan, China.

There is no medicine or vaccine are available for this disease. Doctors can treat you with only normal medicines to improve the immunity power and after some days of treatment, the patient becomes healthy. So, you should prevent it from spreading. The best way to prevent is from spreading is social distancing. Don’t go very close to the people while talking and avoid going to crowded places. Use masks and wash your hands with sanitizer continuously if you are working in a crowded place. If you do not have very urgent reason, avoid going out of home.

Is has mortality rate of around 3.4%, that means 3.4% of infected people die due to this disease. But this mortality rate varies from country to country and a good treatment should also be given to the patients. If the patients are far more than treatment capacity of hospitals, it is difficult to control it.

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