May 21, 2024
Hyundai Verna

Hyundai Verna

Verna is one of the most popular cars from Hyundai which is popular for its looks, features, and reliability. It is available in petrol automatic and diesel automatic transmissions. Due to this, the price of this car has started from a lower point and has gone all the way till 17.5 lakhs.

Verna is one of the best looking premium sedans in the market right now and Hyundai has loaded it with the features. There are ventilated seats at the front and there is also a sunroof in the top spec model. There is also enhanced safety in top end SX (O) variant with 6 Airbags. This model has an On-road price of around 14.40 lakhs (Petrol). But its base ‘SX’ variant also provides every essential feature and also has a music system with touch screen display and LED daytime running lights. It will cost you around 12 lakhs On-road (Petrol). The SX diesel variant has On-road price of around 14.5 lakhs and SX (O) diesel top model has On-road price of around 16.2 lakhs.

Hyundai Verna Inside

It feels very premium in inside also. There is a rear AC vent and rear seats are also comfortable. Three people of average height can easily fit in the rear.

This car is available in two engine options; i.e. petrol and diesel. But there are sub-types in these engines also. Petrol engine is available with two variants; one is a basic 1368cc engine with 99bhp of power and another is 1591cc engine which produces 121bhp power. Diesel engines are with 1396cc and 1582cc capacities which produce 89bhp and 126bhp of power respectively. 1582cc diesel engine has claimed mileage of around 24kmpl and petrol engine has mileage of around 17kmpl. Both the engines are refined and the diesel engine is so much powerful. Petrol engine is very silent and fun to drive.

Hyundai cars are made to drive in the city and this car is also made like that. This car rides very smoothly in the city absorbing undulations of the road. High-speed ride is also good but not as good as Honda City. Also, you can’t drive it like a sporty car around corners. But you can live with that if you ride both in the city and on highways.

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